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VSCO Film 07: Eclectic Films

VSCO has been on a tear lately, it seems, with new film packs coming out every few months, and tons of updates on their mobile app ecosystem.

Now we have film pack 07, “Eclectic Films.”

I took the new pack for a spin using some photos from last Friday’s trip to the Liberty Mill Pond, with my photo pal John Neff (here with his Sony A7), where Michigan’s Grand River begins – about two miles from my house.

This is a fun pack because the film emulations are so subtle. Looking through the photos, you won’t spot huge differences in the look and feel – but when you’re actually using them, it’s refreshing to see the small differences in contrast, saturation, and mood.

I particularly like the Kodak stuff, like Ektachrome and Ektar 25. The Ektar 25 takes the saturation down a notch from Film 05′s version of Ektar (my current go-to emulation). The Agfa stuff is nice, too, because of how gentle it is.

You can try VSCO Film 00 for free (a great idea), and then pony up for a full pack. This Film 07 pack will be fun to play with.

Film 07 emulations are in the captions of each photo.