See You At Sandhill Crane Vineyards

Colleen Peterson at Sandhill Crane Vineyards

Here’s something exciting: I’m hosting an artists reception at Sandhill Crane Vineyards on Friday, May 6 for my Artists In Jackson project.

My dear artistic friend Colleen here (one of the artists featured!) is helping me with event and art details. It’s a great location, and I can’t wait to throw a big party for all my new artistic comrades.

If you’re in Michigan this May, please join me!

Artists In Jackson: Kaiti McDonough

Kaiti McDonough

“It’s always related to nature, and silhouettes. I’ve had a love for silhouettes for years now. So when I realized when I put these two things together—bodies, hands, leaves—I was forcing myself to think outside the box. I wanted something that made you look closer.”

Read Kaiti’s profile at Artists In Jackson.

Artists In Jackson: Cassandra Spicer

Cassandra Spicer

“I realized very quickly that being a studio art major would be a lot of fun for the artistic side of me, but I still had practical parts of me that needed to know things about business and finance.”

Read Cassandra’s profile at Artists In Jackson.