Getting Some Fresh Air

Back on New Year’s Day, I came down with something terrible: fever, chills, aches, and an all-encompassing drowsiness. It was so bad I had to cancel holidays plans with my family.

By day three, I was going stir-crazy, so the boy and I headed outside during an unseasonably warm January day to get some fresh air. It had to help, even a little, to take a walk around the neighborhood.

We walked our usual path down by the lake, and through the neighborhood trails – to the giant pile of concrete rubble that sits on the farm property just outside the residential zone.

The walk didn’t end up helping all that much, long-term, but to my feverish head and aching lungs, breathing that foggy Midwestern air provided a much-needed break.

Around the Albion Neighborhood

Summer. Walks around the town. Noon sun staring down at all of us.

And gnomes watching our every move.

The past few summers I’ve made it a point to take long walks around Albion’s neighborhoods. The challenge is to find the photo-worthy among every day life: yards, signs, porches, etc.

It just goes to show that no matter how “boring” you think your area is, there’s always something to find.

Waking Light

Waking Light

Horton, Michigan

It’s getting to be that time of year where the sunrise is perfectly timed to my morning commute. From now through early September it will be great for photo making, like with this little shed on my neighborhood street.

This was one of those photos that I screeched to a halt in my car, pulled over, and crept through the trees to get the shot.