Jon + Amanda

As I’ve said, I don’t do weddings unless (a) I know you and (b) I like you.

That’s why I was happy to capture Jon and Amanda’s wedding a few weeks ago. Amanda and Jon are family, and their small wedding in my dad’s backyard was intimate and lovely.

Photography can be an awesome gift to give – longer lasting than cash or a toaster oven. Don’t be stingy with it.

Tollander Tree Farm

Had lots of fun exploring Tollander Christmas Tree Farm up near Port Huron, Michigan, for my good friends Chris and Rebecca’s wedding.

It’s going to be a great wedding in a classy rural setting. The location will be fun for photos.

And hey, we even found a turtle crossing one of the farm lanes. That’s good luck, right?

Wayne is working on getting more wedding and event business at the farm. It’s a great location (and very affordable) – give them a ring.

Matt + Jen

This Labor Day was the second anniversary of the best photography gig I’ve ever had: my high school friends’ Matt and Jen’s wedding.

Bohemian, lakeside, and a beautiful couple with their amazing friends. It was a magical evening. No pressure, no “must-haves” – Jen told me to “do you what you do” and capture the intimate moments from the event. That’s my favorite way to work, and I think it shows.

I’ve since retired from shooting weddings, and this wasn’t the last one I did, but it’s by far my favorite.

The engagement photo shoot was pretty spectacular, too. Tons of fun, and Jen’s ideas for the shoot made it all special. That, and the perfect summer light.