Christmas Cookies

Every year for Christmas my wife makes these great molasses cookies – a ton of them, with homemade frosting.

We take a day and decorate them in our favorite themes and characters, and then we share with friends and family over the holidays. It’s a great little family tradition.

I’ve missed working on video stuff so much since leaving Albion that I grabbed my Canon 6D, a 50mm lens, and took some video and photos. It was fun to edit footage and make a little film again. The process is one of those flow state situations, and I do miss it.

In photography, think about photo projects or series as opposed to single images. So many of us simply capture little snippets of video of family, friends, and outings. With all the (free!) tools at our disposal, it’d be fun to see more people put in the effort to making video stories, not just clips.

Albion Circa 1995

Albion, circa 1995

One of the great parts about my day job is working with talented students on fun projects, like our recently-launched Albion 1995 throwback video.

The idea? What Albion College was like in 1995, told through music and technology.

The team did an amazing job starring in this thing, grabbing vintage (”vintage” – oy, I remember 1995!) clothing, and being good sports. For my part, it was all shot on an iPhone 5S, often using the VHS Camcorder app for the ‘95 scenes.

Check out the full video.

Pretty great, and visually interesting, video for “Under the Pressure” by The War On Drugs. Lost In The Dream is easily one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Every song is beautiful.

And man, talk about making a good video on the cheap.

TGIF Friday Jams: The Cult – “Fire Woman”

Doesn’t get much more rock and roll than Ian Astbury in The Cult’s heyday. Not hair metal, not the AC/DC-style stuff of Electric. Just polished rock.

“Fire Woman” was a staple of our local rock station, and I could never get enough.