Pools Of Light

Summer nights around the house – when the angle of sunlight turns the mundane into dramatic.

It’s enough to get lost in. Evenings like this, there’s entertainment in simply watching the light move, and shape, and shift.

Like some mythic, benevolent dictator, the sun shows its preferences in direct ways. A set of headphones here, the neighbors yard over there. You can’t question it. You just record it.

And hope the light shines on you.

Where you could sit on the edge of your bed
And you could stare into your own shoes
And in the pools of light there
Go wherever you choose

The Tragically Hip, “Vapour Trails



Came upon us much too soon,
Then was gone.
Like the mountains of the moon
At dawn.

Then the sun came up on a sleepy day
And never went down at night.
And the crowd kept on singin’ “Waste Away”
but it just didn’t feel right.
And the prince and the drummer and the fire girls
Couldn’t get our guitars in tune.
And I knew it was over when the sound man said,
“I wish we were still in June”

Spock’s Beard, “June”

Yuengling Traditional Lager


I had a co-worker that was Pennsylvania, and she told me about this goofy-sounding beer from her home state that I just had to try. On her next visit home, she told me, she’s bring me a six pack.

And so was born my obsession with Yuengling.

I hear-tell it’s coming to Michigan (but I’ve been hearing that for years now). Previously, it was only available on the east coast. Then it moved to Ohio. And now maybe, someday, possibly my home state.

It’s good. Not great, but a good all-around beer. Part of me feels like the fact that you can’t get it in Michigan makes it taste better – like that lost love you could never get (except on trips to Toledo).

Waking Light

Waking Light

Horton, Michigan

It’s getting to be that time of year where the sunrise is perfectly timed to my morning commute. From now through early September it will be great for photo making, like with this little shed on my neighborhood street.

This was one of those photos that I screeched to a halt in my car, pulled over, and crept through the trees to get the shot.