Better In the In-Between

Better In the In-Between

Big transitions in my life the past year or so: the birth of my daughter, a new job, getting ready to sell our house and move into the city.

So it is with the seasons as well. The temperatures here in Michigan are dropping steadily, the leaves are changing, pumpkins are popping up at roadside stands. Autumn is in the air.

Much like last year, I’m trying to stay on top of all the transitions and stay involved with creative projects. It’s tough. And I’m not working on anything specific now, but I have some ideas and plans brewing.

Here’s to the in-between.

Through The Windshield

Cool nights, warm mornings – this time of year offers a foggy windshield for the commute into work, especially since I haven’t been able to park in the garage lately.

But the light, and the scene just outside the window – it made for some fun abstract shots.

More and more, I measure the passage of time when the seasons change, and what the light looks like, and where. These days, the sun rises just as I leave the driveway. Soon, it won’t show up until I’m halfway to work.

And then, it’s gone completely.

These transition months tell me what time of year it is. The students are going back to school, the morning is chilly, and the light is fantastic.