From my previous post on exploring abandoned places with my Fuji EX-1, here’s the abandoned home near Spring Arbor, Mich.

There was also a business of some sort attached to the property (it’s listed as commercial real estate, I think I saw on the sign). A boat out back, a big field, and a large empty storefront.

I always wonder why these types of places are taken over by homeless folks. The threat of arrest? Guarding your turf from other vagabonds?

A lot of the house, especially past the kitchen, were too dark to explore. But there were enough fun little details, like the hat sitting on the counter, to make this a worthwhile location.

I may have to ask my realtor friends what the story is on this property.

I drive by this abandoned farm every morning on my way into work.

Every building looks on the verge of collapse – or is in fact collapsing.

Abandoned Farm: Felled

Since I pass it every day, I watch to see if anyone is ever there. There’s only been one time when I noticed the locked gate open and a pickup truck in the driveway. Other than that, nothing. No one.

Abandoned Farm: Framed

From what little I could tell, it looks like it used to be an old orchard or market – with a storefront.

Abandoned Farm: Closed

There’s lots of scattered equipment everywhere. Lots of pieces look like they were dropped right there when the owners walked away.

Abandoned Farm: Speaker

And the doorways. They’re all propped shut – like the former owners were trying to keep something inside.

Abandoned Farm: Inside

Nothing but bedlam. And time. And rain and snow, wearing away at the foundations of this place until the only thing holding the walls up are the propped two-by-fours.

Abandoned Farm: Window

Abandoned Farm: Entry

Last fall I finally took a chance and slipped in for a walk-around.

It’s eerie. It really does look like something catastrophic happened and the farmers had no choice but to flee.

That’s me placing a story on top of something time and weather accomplished. But still, it’s fun to wonder.

Abandoned Farm: Collapsed

Abandoned Farm: Empty

Photos edited with VSCO Film 03 Polaroid 690-, and shot with the Canon EOS M.