Abandoned Farm

I’ve passed by this particular farm probably dozens of times. It sits along US-127, a major highway between my hometowns, my college, everything.

But it’s only recently I’ve noticed that the place is dead and abandoned. Those telltale signs, like an overgrown lawn and broken windows, were evident even from the highway.

So I picked a warm summer night in July and pulled in to explore.

The grounds of the place are pretty overwhelming, with tons of buildings and a overgrown fields surrounding the place. What struck me was the variety: barns and storage buildings and milking structures.

The house was your typical abandoned house, open to the elements for who knows how long. The upstairs was in pretty relatively good shape. Parts of the house were still protected, like the kitchen.

I didn’t dare take a peek in the basement.


Sure, there’s a bit of bravery needed to pull the car over and climb into an abandoned and nearly-collapsed shack on the edge of an overgrown tree farm.

And then you see the creep-tastic shrine someone made out of a skull and carcass bones.

But there’s also adventure, and the gnawing desire to see what’s inside the thing.

So it was that I climbed into this ramshackle little building, probably no more than 15 ft. by 30 ft., after passing if for many years along M-60 just east of Spring Arbor, Mich.