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Goodbye Hedgerow

Goodbye Hedgerow

Goodbye Hedgerow – Pulaski, Michigan

A sad sight – lots of farms in south central Michigan are removing their hedgerows. The reason is probably straight economics, since the tree line limits a farm’s arable land.

But still: hedgerows are what makes my country road commute so lovely, each and every season. Now there are just flat fields from horizon to horizon.

It’s Harvest Time

Ah, late summer / early autumn in Michigan – when those roadside farm stands pop up.

I can’t resist. There’s something about a fresh-grown tomato or ear of corn I find irresistible. And with my commute through rural Michigan, I have lots of options.

Such good deals! I picked up a quart of cherry tomatoes for $1, perfect for snacking at work. And we eat a lot of corn on the cob during the summer and fall.

I usually tend my own garden, but this year it’s been tough going. So it’s nice to have a farm stand backup.