An Artistic Perspective

I don’t have a specific type that I like more than another. It’s just when I feel inspired. I like to look at life through the lens and show people how I see the world. Like photography is more than just taking pictures with a nice camera. It’s about creating an artistic perspective on something everyone sees every day. In today’s times it’s easy to get a nice camera for an affordable price but not everyone can create compositions like you. And it’s impressive the way you turn pictures into art

Thank you. I appreciate that.

And you’re so right. It takes way more than a camera. Or a lens. Or a VSCO preset. I’m finally feeling like I have something to say as a photographer, after many years of experimenting and trying and fits and starts.

The gear is fun. But making stuff is way more fun.

West Michigan, Represent

I lived in Onondaga Twp (on Ferris rd just west of Aurelius rd – I love that spot) from ’98 – ’04 and spent summers growing up in west MI. Though born, raised, currently live in, and love Pittsburgh PA, your work always takes me HOME. Beautiful! With today’s post, I could no longer contain it. Thank you!

Thanks so much! West Michigan is a special place.

Inspired So Much

Dave,your cemetery photographs are terrific. Im abt to go out and take some photographs myself and im inspired so much! Thankyou!

You’re so welcome. My shots come from two time periods: this past fall, and the winter of 2011 during a magical sunset, grabbing photos while knee-deep in snow. Worth it!

Enjoy your shoot.