8/15/13 – Captain Jackson

8/15/13 - Captain Jackson

Our own local super hero.

I remember almost wrecking my car the first time I saw him, walking down Michigan Ave. in downtown Jackson.

“This can’t be real,” I thought.

But there he was.

Now, he makes appearances and public events, parades, and almost every Chamber of Commerce event in town, promoting safety and self defense.

Captain Jackson tends to be a local shame point. The oh-my-gosh-he’s-here-again kind of reaction. He’s pretty harmless though.

8/12/13 – Sweet Corn

8/12/13 - Sweet Corn

This time of year is both happy and sad. Happy because, hey, it’s still technically summer.

But it’s sad because it’s the Sunday of summer – the last little bit before fall starts creeping in. Nothing says this more than harvest time, especially this cool summer in Michigan that feels like half-fall anyway.

Fall is a lot of people’s favorite season, but not mine. The crops, though. Man, I’ll take those all autumn long.

Michigan is known mainly for its cherries, apples, and blueberries, but we’re lucky in that a lot of crops grow well here. Peaches, melons, corn.

“You can tell it’s a Michigan [insert crop here],” my family used to say. “They don’t grow these like they do in Michigan.”

I’m not positive that’s true. But I do know that everything tastes pretty darned good this time of year.