prog rock

Black Light Machine

Speaking of music: Frost’s behind the scenes work on their song “Black Light Machine” was a lot of fun to watch. With all of these “here’s how the song was made” videos and podcasts, it’s great to see the musicians actually performing their individual parts.

And my gosh, that guitar section at 5:56. Beautiful.

Frost is becoming one of my favorite bands – and they’re a recent discovery, thanks to that Spotify / YouTube / Amazon connection. Great, poppy prog with virtuoso musicians. If you have a spare 26 minutes, let “Milliontown” wash over you. Every part and movement is perfect.


With Affinity, Haken took the Stranger Things + Tron vibe and turned it into a prog concept album.

My favorite song off the album, “Earthrise,” really is a lovely piece – especially that opening. The piano riff that starts at 0:30 has been in my head for months.

Day For Night Tour

A full concert from Spock’s Beard’s Day For Night tour. Their next album would be the Beard at the height of their power, but this one shows them off pretty well.

And it’s not like they just come out and play their 10+ minute songs. They’re entertainers. Just check out when Nick the drummer comes out for a trio guitar attack. That’s what a good concert does: it gives the audience a little something extra, a view of the personality of the band that you don’t find on an album.

Spock’s Beard was the pop prog band. Intricate and catchy, with a great knack for a melodic hook. That’s what made them so fun.