For a long while, black and white photography was all there was. Then came color, and the color film pioneers, and – like the television – most people went that way.

Recently, I started playing around with monochrome, especially with some of the VSCO presets that look decent. I see what others do with black and white, and have the thought: “I should try that too.”

Good artists steal, etc. But really, it just gives me a reason to experiment with a new process. I’ve toyed around with black and white before, but setting out to grab specific B&W images is something new.

When I finally finish with my first roll of black and white film – that’s when things get interesting.

With Daylight Savings Time coming around again, it’s been nice to have a bit of light in the morning. I’d rather trade the darker evenings for a glimpse at dawn.

This one, though, was back before the gloom and ugliness of November took over – when the leaves were just turning, and that beautiful September light made the commute a wonderland.

My work commute has kept me entertained for going on three years now.

Every day, the rural scenery is lovely – not matter what season it is. And I always pass things that I think to myself, “I’m going to pull over and grab a shot of that.”

Sometimes it takes months. Sometimes it takes a year or two. But eventually, I pull over and take the photo.

This barbed post, for instance, is something I’ve had my eye on since this summer. Now, with the autumn colors, I felt like it was the perfect time to capture it.

Patience. Weather. Observation. Scenery.