Really Winter Now

Really Winter Now

It’s really winter now. The high temperatures have been in the 15-20 F range, and the snow and ice are starting to stick around.

Nothing will grow until March. There will be nothing on the trees until April. Any sunny day is the best Michigan will look for a few months now.

Despite the bitter cold, I do enjoy getting out when it’s sunny and taking photos. The slants of light, the position of the sun – everything is different this time of year. It looks like winter.

So it was with these faded milkweed plants. The sun was setting and lighting the cotton in a wonderful way. It was one of those pull-the-car-over moments.

Even though the wind chill is about zero, and the snow is starting to blow, there’s still beauty out there.

Franck–Hertz Experiment

Franck–Hertz experiment

Franck-Hertz Experiment:

The now-famous Franck–Hertz experiment elegantly supported Niels Bohr’s model of the atom, with electrons orbiting the nucleus with specific, discrete energies. Franck and Hertz were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1925 for this work.

Our college science complex has some amazing stuff, and I always look for esoteric items to photograph.

This was a good one for my 7,777 photo posted to Flickr.

For a long while, black and white photography was all there was. Then came color, and the color film pioneers, and – like the television – most people went that way.

Recently, I started playing around with monochrome, especially with some of the VSCO presets that look decent. I see what others do with black and white, and have the thought: “I should try that too.”

Good artists steal, etc. But really, it just gives me a reason to experiment with a new process. I’ve toyed around with black and white before, but setting out to grab specific B&W images is something new.

When I finally finish with my first roll of black and white film – that’s when things get interesting.