photo contest

Top Prize

Jackson County Fair - Top Prize

Booya. Not only first place in the “Michigan Lighthouse” category, but top prize for color photos overall at the Jackson County Fair photo contest.

Hand In Hand” has certainly been a crowd pleaser, earning both Radar recognition on Tumblr, and an Explore nod from Flickr.

Thanks very much to the judges. Honored to earn that purple ribbon at my first fair competition.

I’m slowly creeping into the “show more of my work in public” zone. This fair photo competition was my first bit of outreach, besides a few local shows here and there. There are lots of local artists who have done shows, exhibits, and contests, and I’m starting to chat with them about how they go about it, and what advice they have for someone like me.

The fair’s competition was tough. The list of rules and regulations was about three pages long, and I had a mix up picking up my prints after the fair was over. I don’t think I’ll go hog wild (10 photos) like I did this year. Maybe next year I’ll pick one or two that I think will do well.

Printing the photos, preparing the photos, delivering the photos – this competition, like many exhibits and shows, took a lot of work. And treasure. Something to add to the “now I know” list.

Here’s to showing your work in public.