Seasons: A Year in Four Parts

Earlier this year I told myself, “You have to print more of your work.”

And after learning about MagCloud (now owned by Blurb) from Patrick LaRoque, I decided to try printing a book of my Instagram photos that represent seasons through the year.

Here we have Seasons: A Year In Four Parts.

It was mostly an experiment to try self publishing. MagCloud offers very nice templates for InDesign (and other publishing platforms), and I got to do the design, layout, and typography myself.

Square format, 80 pages measuring 8″ wide and tall, with perfect-bound binding.

I purchased two copies – one for myself, and one as a potential gift. MagCloud stores the book for me, in case I want to give out another copy. And boy, the prices are super reasonable for this kind of thing. It makes me want to try to do these little photo books a few times a year.

My next experiment will be with Mosaic – printing a photo book right from my iPhone. I’m thinking about doing something with my Cloud Atlas series.

This is the dream of digital, DIY publishing: make your own thing, with your own stuff, at a reasonable price…and maybe make it available to others on demand.

So I’m making Seasons available for purchase. $20 for the physical edition and a buck ($1, cheap!) for the digital edition.


By David Lawrence

80 pages, published 6/5/2014

‘Seasons: A Year In Four Parts” is a collection of Instagram photos representing winter, spring, summer, and fall.