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Photographer Interviews

Photographer Interviews

During the winter, especially in January, it’s hard for me to make photographs. Usually, I tackle some other kind of project during the cold months – a photo book, or a portrait project idea, or just catching up on editing photos I made during the warmer months.

This year, I’m trying something a little different.

Over and above photos, I like making things. Books, videos, graphics, tinkering with electronics, etc. Keeping my hands or my brain busy is important to me.

It’s why, above and beyond portraits, my Artists In Jackson project is so multi-layered. I wanted a book and a website and an eBook, and so on.

So this January, I’m sending some photographers I like questions, and each week I’ll feature a different photographer profile. The profiles will include a sample of their work, some background, and then a question and answer session.

Portrait photographers, landscape photographers, abstract photographers – I’m working on getting a variety of styles.

It’s a way for me to learn more about my favorite photographers, and to share the work that I appreciate. It also gives them a tiny bit of promotion – my way of sharing the love. And the editor in me loves this kind of project, where I mix and match a bunch of good material into a cohesive whole.

Read the photographer profiles »

(And if you’re interested in participating, please send me a note!)

Artists In Jackson, The Book

For the past five or six months, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the artists, creatives, and makers in Jackson, Michigan, as a part of my Artists In Jackson project.

The culmination of the project, I always figured, would be a book. Photos and profiles of the artists, an explanation of the project, and a beautiful artifact of all the work I’ve done.

I love photo books. I’ve become a bit of a collector in the past year or so. That, and (as @alesserphotographer advocates) paper is what you keep for 100 years and give to your grandchildren.

So the Artists In Jackson book is now available for sale. I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out.

This first run of copies (about 25) are going to get some special love and attention from me before they ship out. After that, I’m doing a buy-on-demand system from Blurb, the book publisher.

Also, the project’s artist profiles are now live on the website, along with a selection of photos from each artist’s portrait shoot.

It feels mighty good to have this project out the door and into the world. I’ve received lots of great feedback from family and friends, and lots of support from the community. Thanks to everyone for their time and attention.

I made something. It shipped. And away we go.