neal morse

Day For Night Tour

A full concert from Spock’s Beard’s Day For Night tour. Their next album would be the Beard at the height of their power, but this one shows them off pretty well.

And it’s not like they just come out and play their 10+ minute songs. They’re entertainers. Just check out when Nick the drummer comes out for a trio guitar attack. That’s what a good concert does: it gives the audience a little something extra, a view of the personality of the band that you don’t find on an album.

Spock’s Beard was the pop prog band. Intricate and catchy, with a great knack for a melodic hook. That’s what made them so fun.

Spock’s Beard

Sure, prog rock was kind of dorky back in the early 2000s (or 1970s, or…). But no one had more fun on stage than Spock’s Beard back in the day.

Skip to 0:55:00 for the best version of “Waste Away” I’ve seen. So fun.

I saw them live, opening up for Dream Theater, at the Phoenix Plaza in Pontiac, MI, the summer of 2000. And from there, I went on to buy V and it changed my life.