The first thing you notice is the cats. There are some many, and all feral, but not so nervous that they scatter on approach.

No, these cats have seen things. Done things they’re not proud of.

I heard a story about this place. A friend from work misplaced his iPhone, and Find My iPhone placed in here – dead-center in the middle of this abandoned plant.

“Don’t go in there,” a police officer advised him. “Not even we go in there.”

The silly, destructive side of me wants to slip through the fence to get a look. But there’s just enough caution in me to steer clear.

So I walk around a bit, and grab some shots. The caved-in wall. The brick work.

The cats.

Snowed In

Snowed In: Mail Stop

We here in Michigan were walloped this weekend – bitter cold, freezing winds, and tons of snowfall.

So what better to do than head out and grab some photos?

Snowed In: Low

Below-zero temperatures and a hazy cloud cover made for some lovely light, especially around sunset. During the day, I had to head out and shovel my driveway, and grabbed some images while knee-deep in snow.

Snowed In: Shiver

To cool off (ha!), I took a walk down the road to see what the rest of the neighborhood looked like. Luckily most of my neighborhood roads were plowed, but some areas were still untouched.

Snowed In: Red

I didn’t get very far down the road before the conditions turned me back home. But weather like this doesn’t happen like it used to, even here in Michigan.

So why not capture the day?

Snowed In: Lights