Pools Of Light

Summer nights around the house – when the angle of sunlight turns the mundane into dramatic.

It’s enough to get lost in. Evenings like this, there’s entertainment in simply watching the light move, and shape, and shift.

Like some mythic, benevolent dictator, the sun shows its preferences in direct ways. A set of headphones here, the neighbors yard over there. You can’t question it. You just record it.

And hope the light shines on you.

Where you could sit on the edge of your bed
And you could stare into your own shoes
And in the pools of light there
Go wherever you choose

The Tragically Hip, “Vapour Trails

Six Strings

My guitar has been neglected the past few years. I used to be a frequent player in high school, practicing several nights a week.

Now, my acoustic guitar mainly sits there, and I usually only pick it up on the weekends to noodle around.

I have three guitars in all: this Mitchell acoustic, an Epiphone electric, and a mutt electric that I’ve had since high school.

The Mitchell gets the abuse: light from the window, dust, and an occasional bump with the vacuum cleaner.