In Praise Of The Coney Island

In Praise of the Coney Island

I’ll tell anyone who will listen: I’m a fan of the coney island hot dog.

You have chili dogs, and kraut, and brats, and Chicago style, and whatever NY happens to be bragging about, and all the rest – and I love those, too. But to me, the coney island is the hot dog style.

When I worked in downtown Jackson, Michigan, I had two coney islands across the street from my office. Every Friday, I’d hit up the Virginia Coney Island and, every week, order “the usual”: two coneys, fries, and a diet Coke.

I miss that. So I try to grab a coney for lunch wherever and whenever I can – even a Detroit-style coney, like the ones above from Lafayette Coney Island across from Campus Martius in downtown Detroit.