I drive by this abandoned farm every morning on my way into work.

Every building looks on the verge of collapse – or is in fact collapsing.

Abandoned Farm: Felled

Since I pass it every day, I watch to see if anyone is ever there. There’s only been one time when I noticed the locked gate open and a pickup truck in the driveway. Other than that, nothing. No one.

Abandoned Farm: Framed

From what little I could tell, it looks like it used to be an old orchard or market – with a storefront.

Abandoned Farm: Closed

There’s lots of scattered equipment everywhere. Lots of pieces look like they were dropped right there when the owners walked away.

Abandoned Farm: Speaker

And the doorways. They’re all propped shut – like the former owners were trying to keep something inside.

Abandoned Farm: Inside

Nothing but bedlam. And time. And rain and snow, wearing away at the foundations of this place until the only thing holding the walls up are the propped two-by-fours.

Abandoned Farm: Window

Abandoned Farm: Entry

Last fall I finally took a chance and slipped in for a walk-around.

It’s eerie. It really does look like something catastrophic happened and the farmers had no choice but to flee.

That’s me placing a story on top of something time and weather accomplished. But still, it’s fun to wonder.

Abandoned Farm: Collapsed

Abandoned Farm: Empty

Photos edited with VSCO Film 03 Polaroid 690-, and shot with the Canon EOS M.

8/3/13 – First Big Crop

8/3/13 - First Big Crop

It took a while, but this year’s garden crop is finally starting to produce.

The plentiful rain, the sunshine – a totally different than the hot and dry weather we had last year here in Michigan.

Tomatoes, squash, green beans, zucchini. All the usuals. This year’s new edition is cucumbers. I’m not a huge fan, but it’s fun to grow something new.

Nice to see my vegetable budget pretty much disappear during these months, too.

8/2/13 – Waiting for Action

8/2/13 - Waiting for Action

I pass almost nothing but farmland on the way into work. Vast soybean and corn fields.

Not sure exactly what this machine does, but it looks like it’s waiting for something.

Really, I liked the colors of this scene on my way into work Friday morning. Stop in the middle of the road, check behind me for approaching cars, snap the photo, and drive on.