Our Share of Autumn

Lots of places across the United States experience the changing seasons, and with a bit of luck they get to see the leaves turn, too.

Michigan doesn’t have any special autumn magic. From what I hear, you drive through New England in the autumn to see the magic.

But we get our share. Early to mid October, depending on where you are in the state, is when the show starts.

I grabbed this shot driving around the countryside outside of Albion, Michigan, right at the very end of the color season. It looks like a long driveway. It feels like fall.

Autumn Is Haunted

When people talk about how much they love autumn, this is probably what they mean: golden leaves, somber weather, a crispness in the air.

I think about fall as kind of a haunted season – and not just because of Halloween. It’s haunted because things are dying, the darkness is growing, and cold winds start blowing. Persephone is leaving, and the world mourns.

It’s tough to keep a camera away from this season. Plus, I have a thing about cemeteries. They’re especially gorgeous and appropriate in autumn.