Fear the Future

Election Day

Things I’m nervous about today:

  • The election
  • Should Hillary win, the kind of Congress she’ll get (and work with)
  • Voter intimidation, and disenfranchisement
  • My well pump behaving as normal
  • Climate change
  • The inability to print┬ámy baby’s first year photo book because Aperture won’t let you print books anymore

Things I can actually do something about:

  • Voting, including taking the kids with me
  • Watching the election results roll in on TV tonight
  • Flush my well water so it’s safe to drink
  • Vote for candidates who respect education, science, and the findings of scientists
  • Finding another solution to printing a beautiful photo book that I’ve already laid out and captioned

An action-packed day here in America as we elect our local, state, and national leaders for the next two to four years. I vote in a rural township hall, and usually only have a dozen or so people in front of me when I go to vote. This year, I’m taking the kids with me out of child care necessity, but I’m looking forward to exposing the kids to this important national ritual.

If you follow me on Twitter, you can probably guess at my political affiliation. After being nervous about the outcome for weeks now, over the weekend I finally resigned myself to trusting the national body politic to make the wise choice.

Frankly, I’ll just be glad when it’s over. And for all of us, I hope we pay less attention to this stuff until much later in the cycle, for sanity’s sake. It’s not healthy for America to be in campaign mode for 18-plus months. Six months would be plenty.