Sweet Home Chicago

Chicago: Ivy

I often tell people that I get to Chicago at least once a year.

This year? It’s more like five or six.

Chicago: Union Station Stairs

A fun trip. Another fun trip. A business trip. A work trip. A conference. It seems I’m heading to the Windy City, on average, every other month.

And boy, I don’t mind. Every time I head to Chicago, whether for personal trips or business, it feels like a getaway.

Chicago: At Work

I’ve said it before: I feel like I know Chicago better than I do my nearby metro area. That goes mainly for the downtown areas, because once I get out of the main hub of Chicago I’m not so confident – whereas in Detroit, I know the surrounding areas fairly well.

But since taking up photography as a hobby, Chicago has been one of my favorite subjects. The people, the architecture, the city life – it’s a smorgasbord of photo opps.

Chicago: Waiting Line

For a work trip back in October, I hit the streets to specifically grab more street photos than anything else.

Chicago: Under El

Chicago: Framed Spire

Chicago: Back Alley Infrastructure

Chicago: Justin

(Most photos taken with Canon EOS M and EF-M 22mm f/2, edited in Lightroom with VSCO Film 03)