Photographs As Language

Photography As Language

Mason Adams, from “On Visual Fluency“:

The devices we use to take pictures are also the devices we use to communicate, and that’s awesome.

Mason’s larger point is that photographs are being used as a type of language – everything from emoji to gorgeous mobile food photography. It’s never been easier to share the stuff we see. So what does that do to the marketing, branding, and stock photography industries? 

I really liked his analogy of the reason why we take photos:

Like layered dirt in a glass container, the act of photography IS the moment. Amplified, hallowed, the ultimate savoring of the things that bring us joy. Which is to say: Certain things can bring us joy, but not as much as when we take pictures of them.

So many photographers I know take photos to remember things.

That’s still true, but now we’re taking photos to say things—about ourselves, about the world around us—as well as to preserve memories.

(via Flak Photo)