This stuff from ††† (Crosses) is fantastic. As if the last few Deftones album weren’t amazing, Chino gets his techno groove on.

Just pre-ordered the EP collection.

I wasn’t going to play you tonight,
But I can’t help the feeling’s alive.
As long as you play my game,
I’ll let you win.

Every time you communicate with somebody, you’re handing them a pebble. That pebble seems impossibly small to you because you’re the most important person in the world, but you have no idea how many other pebbles that person was given today.

With Daylight Savings Time coming around again, it’s been nice to have a bit of light in the morning. I’d rather trade the darker evenings for a glimpse at dawn.

This one, though, was back before the gloom and ugliness of November took over – when the leaves were just turning, and that beautiful September light made the commute a wonderland.