On Habits

On Habits

This time of year is tough: resolutions, winter time blues, Fat Tuesday.

Apart from resolutions, I think about habits ā€“ either starting new ones or trying to get back into old ones I’ve let slip.

Take meditation. I had a decent mindfulness practice for almost 10 years. But with kids and moving and new jobs, I let that habit slip. Or fitness: my workout regiment has come and gone for years. After the glut of the holidays, I always have to kick-start that habit after the new year.

Even my photography habit goes into hibernation this time of year. I always have to give myself a project to wake it back up again.

The trick is to not feel bad about letting habits lapse. They come and go, and that’s natural. I could feel guilty about not working out, or taking more photos ā€“ or I could just get moving and start forming those habits again.

Every year this cycle starts again. And every year I have to remind myself: it’s okay.