Making Up Limitations

Making Up Limitations

Craft inhabits whatever medium or tool you work with, if you let it.

I revisit Craig Mod’s articles every once in a while, just to feel what he’s feeling at these times of digital/analog transition.

The above, from 2014, recall Mod’s thoughts about how mobile phone photography – always connected, quality digital files, the idea of a singular photograph changing – was growing into its own.

With everything set to automatic, where was the craft in an iPhone photo?

Mod’s point: It’s all in the restrictions you put on yourself.

It’s one reason why I love using a 10 year old digital camera to make most of my images. Almost nothing is automatic, there’s no video setting, and only 12 megapixels. Every day is a limitation.

But even with cameras with auto HDR and leveling and intervalometers and all that, you can make using your camera feel like driving a manual transmission car if you still want that experience.

Turn the display off. Turn auto everything off. Set your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO on manual. Don’t use built-in filters (or do, and treat it like film stock). Etc.

Cameras these days have few limitations. So make up some, and start a new project.