Flying Colors

I’ve been really digging the new stuff from Flying Colors, the supergroup pop band made of prog virtuosos – and it doesn’t get much better than the group doing Spock’s Beard’s “June.”

The second Flying Colors album is great, but the first album hits some emotional high points for me, like “Blue Ocean.” Just stellar work from a group of fantastic musicians.

Mastodon Theory

If you want you can will it. You can have it. I can put it right there in your hands.


I have a theory that Mastodon, today, is like Metallica in the Black Album era: approachable metal for non-metalheads and casual fans. The new video for “The Motherload” also shows what a fun band they are. They’re able to laugh at themselves, and the music industry itself, as they take the heavy metal doom and fantasy tropes and pair them with the unexpected.

I mean, just look at those butts. It’s hypnotic.

Once More Round the Sun has been a fantastic album. I mean, just listen to the last minute or so of “Aunt Lisa.” That’s a band having fun.

“The Motherload” is Mastodon at its most radio-friendly approachability. Now with twerking!

‘Dark Side’ by Dream Theater

Set aside 45 minutes, put this on in the background while you work, and enjoy a modern retelling of The Dark Side of the Moon from Dream Theater.

And notice how effortless the “Time” solo is for a (goofy-haired) John Petrucci. Those bends? Ugh. They could never end, as far as I’m concerned.

Pretty great, and visually interesting, video for “Under the Pressure” by The War On Drugs. Lost In The Dream is easily one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Every song is beautiful.

And man, talk about making a good video on the cheap.