Around the House

I’m lucky. My house has a lot of windows, giving it an airy feel most of the day. But when the sun sets, the house becomes a pretty magical place.

It’s not like the harsh morning light coming in the front of the house, facing East. No, this evening light gets filtered through the oak and pine trees in the back yard. It’s softer, more welcoming. Our hearts turn West.

I love that feeling when all the lights are off in the house, and it’s just the sunset light coming into the house. It makes for a beautiful way to do the dishes, looking into the backyard and watching the birds and squirrels do their thing.

It makes the backyard a lovely place to be, too, come sunset, every season of the year.

The weather won’t let that happen just yet. But the sun is back, and it’s thinking about us. You can tell. It’s creeping back into life apologetically.

I’ll be sure keep the windows open.